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About me

-When I was six,  my grandma thought I was possessed because I would lay still stare at the floor for long stretches. I was writing stories in my head, but she didn’t know that, and I never told her. 


-I hate the word utilize. The word use always works. Use use. Please, for the love of peanut butter.


-I love the smell of oranges. I’m pretty sure that’s what happiness smells like. Pretty. Darn. Sure. 

-I believe magic is real. It’s in a hug that melts away stress. The soft rumble of a cat’s purr. The way peanut butter is so smooth and peanutty. There is magic in sunshine that can ease the soul, and a smile can light up a room. 

I write books with unreal magic—people can’t shape-shift or cause earthquakes— but I hope there is some real-world magic in them too.

But that’s for you to decide. 

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