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Harbinger of the Storm


Dragons of the Storm Book 1

Her unusual power makes her a target. The only way to stay safe is to stay hidden.

Vinnie left home to get away from a father who wanted to use her for her power. Now she lives with her friends in a city rampant with crime.

When one of those friends is threatened, they form a vigilante group they call The Dragons. Their goal — protect people from the criminals the police won’t touch.

They thought helping others was a small risk. They would hide their trail, stay anonymous. No one would find them.

But someone has found Vinnie.

He knows who she is.

He knows about her unusual power.

And he needs her help.

Now she faces a choice—help stop a serial killer or stay hidden.

Her choice may have consequences not just for herself, but for the friends she’s fought so hard to protect.

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